Barber Shop Aid Alopecia Amazing Hair Growth Dressing

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Barber Shop Aid

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Barber Shop Aid® Alopecia™ Amazing Hair Growth Dressing will help prevent hair from falling out, strengthen and make hair thicker.

It contains a synergistic blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that can help to stimulate the hair follicle and increase circulation and oxidation sufficiently to bring about strong, healthy regrowing hair. 

Alopecia is premature baldness or excessive hair loss. The chief causes of alopecia are heredity, poor circulation, lack of proper stimulation, improper nourishment, certain infectious diseases such as ringworm or constitutional disorders. Alopecia is treated by stimulating the blood supply and reviving the hair papilla involved in hair growth.

Safe to use on all hair types. Works wonders on thinning edges and temple area

Stimulating Hair Growth Dressing

Treatment for Alopecia

Excellent On Relaxed, Braided, Weaved, Natural Hair and Beards

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