Black & White Skin Tone Cream

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Skin Tone Cream lightens and brightens darkened skin areas and helps fade unsightly freckles. This greaseless vanishing cream moisturizes as it smooths and evens the complexion tone bringing out the skin's natural beauty. Gradually fades skin discolorations such as: Age spots, Freckles, Liver Spots and Dark Areas.

Hexylresorcinol acts as a skin-brightening agent. It has antioxidant, as well as astringent properties, that contribute to a more even tone complexion. By providing antioxidant protection, Hexylresorcinol works to neutralize free radicals that can damage skin.

  • With Hexylresorcinol for Skin Brightening
  • Fades Skin Discolorations
  • Greaseless Vanishing Cream
  • Improves the Appearance of Dark Spots
  • Black & White Bleaching Cream has been Reformulated

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