Ardell Individual Lashes - Regular Short Black

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Ardell Individual Regular Short Lashes in Black are the perfect choice if you want a customised lash effect.

Ideal for those with shorter natural lashes, or smaller sized eyes, these lashes will add length, and also allow you to create your own amount of volume.

These salon style lashes are great for extending the length of your own lashes, resulting in a gorgeous, natural look, that isn't overly dramatic. Their lightweight design means they sit perfectly on your lash line, and are incredibly comfortable to wear.

  • Natural length
  • Create your own look
  • Salon inspired

Ardell Individual lashes are perfect for creating your own customised lash look. Whether you love to add length, subtle volume, or achieve a dramatic look - these lashes allow you to easily do so!

Each box contains a tray of 56 individual short lashes

Style Type : Natural, Invididual

Recommended Eye Shape: Small, Large, Round, Almond, Deep Set

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