Bronner Brothers Jamaican Black Castor Oil Infused with Rosemary

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BB Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a powerful hair and skin oil. It is infused with a Growth Complex that strengthens and revitalizes damaged hair. BB Jamaican Black Castor Oil penetrates the roots to seal in moisture and thicken the hair shaft. It is also beneficial for the skin's appearance. It promotes elasticity and softens skin.

Hair: BB Hydrating Growth Oil is a lightweight formula that conditions and moisturizes without leaving a heavy buildup. BB® Hydrating Growth Oil leaves hair soft and manageable with a silky shine.

Skin: BB Hydrating Growth Oil hydrates your skin and helps restore moisture. May also be used on your nails and cuticles

  • Infused with rosemary
  • Seals moisture
  • Nourishes & revitalizes
  • Strengthens & conditions

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