Isoplus Natural Remedy Olive Oil Relaxer Super

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Blended with Nature's Protective Oils

Soothes, Revitalizes & Conditions Hair & Scalp

Delightful Fragrance


WARNING: Read all directions before applying this product. This product contains sodium hydroxide (lye). Failure to follow directions could result in injury or damage to the hay, skin, or eyes. If hair has been previously relaxed, relax only the new growth areas. It If relaxer causes scalp or skin irritation, rinse out immediately and neutralize hair with Natural Remedy Olive Oil Neutralizing Shampoo. If irritation persists or if hair loss occurs, consult a physician. If relaxer gets into eyes, rinse immediately.

PRELIMINARY STRAND TEST: Take a small amount of relaxer and apply to a few strands of hair. Spread evenly from the root area to the ends. Leave on for no longer than 810 minutes. Note relaxation of hair or damage to hair. If test shows hair breakage or other signs of damage, DO NOT USE. Rinse and neutralize hair immediately. Do not use the product or any product containing sodium hydroxide or other chemical hair relaxers or straighters until hair is reconditioned and retested.

TIMING: Coarse/15-20 min. Medium/12-15min. Fine/8-12 min. This includes application time.

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