Reshma Femme Cleanser & Exfoliator Ubtan

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Reshma Ubtan is an all-natural product that beautifies and
exfoliates skin by removing toxins, which in-turn leaves skin
with a healthy glow.

Reshma Ubtan contains a special blend of
herbs, such as turmeric, a key ingredient containing many
medicinal and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ubtan helps remove dark
circles and puffy bags under the eyes and leaves skin soft,
smooth and radiant.

There is an age-old tradition in India that
follows Ubtan. Before her wedding, the bride-to-be prepares for
her new life by enjoying a night of celebration where her girl
friends apply Ubtan all over her body, as it is believed that the
next she is glowing and most beautiful for her wedding day.

  • 100% Natural.
  • For All Skin Types.
  • For a Soft, Smooth & Glowing Complexion.
  • Cleanser & Exfoliator.
  • includes instructions/tips.

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