Reshma Henna Mehndi Cone

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Box of 12

Reshma Beauty® Henna Cone is a natural hair paste. This product contains no harsh chemicals and is cruelty-free.  

Reshma Beauty® paste smells incredible, is smooth and creamy, and stains beautifully.  

Reshma Beauty® Henna Cones is a Reddish Brown Natural color.  

All of the work has been done for you. No fussing with powders, strange ingredients, or guessing measurements. 

Can be used for a quick spot treatment to cover gray hairs.

  • Henna helps make hair strong, by protecting against breakage, promoting growth, and preventing loss.   
  • Henna also helps remove dandruff. 
  • Henna proteins will coat your hair follicles to add strength.  

50g each 

100% Vegan.

Made in India 

Perishable Claim: Natural Henna paste is perishable. Please use it immediately upon opening. If unopen, it can last up to six months.

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