Roberts Diamond Bond Protective Shield Kharkoal 8oz

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The Roberts Diamond Bond Protective Shield Kharkoal is applied to the hair directly where ever the weft is going to be place. The shield dries in 11min into a plastic that protects the hair from bonding glue. The shield is completely water soluble and rinses out with warm water. Kharkoal is used for black and or dark colored hair

Here is how the system works:

Shampoo your hair with Robert's Diamond Bond Before &After Shampoo. The shampoo cleans and conditions the hair.

Mold wrap and prepare hair for Bonding.

Apply Robert's Diamond Bond Protective Shield generously to the hair. Cover all areas of the hair. Dry the Shield completely under a hair dryer for 11 minutes.

Attach the hair weft with the Hair Bonding Glue directly to the RDB Protective Shield.

Style hair as desired and enjoy your new look. The glue is bonded to the Protective Shield and never touches your hair. Robert's Diamond Bond Protective Shield is completely water soluble.

When You Are Ready to Remove your Bonded Weft Extensions You Can Use 1 Methods:

Remove the weft by carefully applying Robert's Diamond Bond Bio Moisture Conditioning Remover directly to each hair weft. Saturate completely allowing the weft to be gently removed from the shield. This method allows the re-use of the hair weft.

If you do not want to save the hair weft, rinse completely out with warm water over shampoo bowl. The Protective Shield will rinse away. The hair weft will come off and GLUE NEVER TOUCHES YOUR HAIR. You have no breakage and no damage.

Shampoo with Robert's Diamond Bond Before & After Shampoo to enrich and condition you hair. The shampoo contains a "glue remover" additive just in case a little glue remains in the hair.

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