Taliah Waajid Therapeutic Protective Mist Bodifier

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This is a must-have if you constantly find yourself saying: "Ooh I have to scratch my scalp!" The Therapeutic Protective Mist Bodifier immediately soothes the scalp and gives a cooling feeling that helps stop the itching in its tracks. It's made to use in between the parts of braids, locks, twists, weft weaves and interlocking styles. Because of the conditioning and moisturizing properties of the Therapeutic Protective Mist Bodifier, it's safe to use directly on your hair to make it shine, and to keep it healthy looking. Scalp soothing ingredients like Eucalyptus Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and cooling Menthol Crystals will quickly get to work to keep your scalp cool, calm and itch-free.

  • Helps stop itching in its tracks
  • Contains natural, cooling ingredients to soothe
    and calm the scalp
  • Helps to add shine to hair
  • Soothes scalp tightness on scalp due to braids,
    sewn-in weaves, extension styles

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