Touch Down Bonnet Super Jumbo - Renaissance

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Self Styling Hair Wrap
Our premium silky satin bonnet is ideal for all hair types and hairstyles. The ultra soft lining will protect the hair from breakage all while keeping the style in place and maintaining your natural hair health. 

For best results, apply Touchdown's 1st Edge Tamer to edges and smooth with edge brush then secure the bonnet for temporary or overnight molding.

  • 100% Premium Satin
    • Help eliminate friction to avoid hair breakage and split ends
  • Edge Laying Effect
    • Give your edges a smooth sleek look once its removed
  • Moisture Lock
    • Has ability to repel moisture to avoid hair from getting dry
  • Secure Fit
    • Eliminate from falling off while you are asleep allowing a comfortable wear
  • Free Styling
    • Used over all hair styles and the bonnet will form to the protected hairstyle
  • Natural Conditioning
    • Locks in natural hair oils which are the best to naturally condition the hair
  • Cover All Styles
    • Designed to fit and cover all hairstyles from wraps to braids

Hair Length up to 35"

Bonnet Size 35"X35"

Tie Length 60"


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